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Brighten Up Your Space: World of Bold Wallpapers and Textures

Updated: Apr 23

Bold floral wallpaper in grey, black and pink color scheme in a living room. Living room has a grey modern sofa and a gold pendant chandelier

Hello, design enthusiasts! Welcome back to Interiors By Ria Blog. In this blog post we are jumping into the trendy world of wallpapers and textures? Whether you are looking to refresh a single room or redo your whole house, embracing bold wallpapers and innovative textures can magically transform your space from blah to breathtaking. Let’s explore how these fun elements can add tons of personality and flair to your home! 🎉

Why Go Bold with Wallpaper?

As a Texan myself, we’re not afraid to make a statement—big, bold, and beautiful! Today’s wallpapers come in a great variety of patterns and colors that can match any design style, from timeless elegance to modern chic. Choosing vibrant wallpapers isn't just about beautifying a space; it’s about creating a mood and telling your unique story through your decor. 🌈

black and white floral wallpaper as accent wall. the rom has mirrored console table with white chair

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Your Space

Choosing the right wallpaper might seem daunting, but it's actually pretty fun once you start mixing and matching colors, patterns, and figuring out what feels right for your room. Want to make a small room look bigger? Try wallpapers with smaller patterns or vertical stripes. If you're looking to cozy things up a bit, go for wallpapers with deeper, richer colors and detailed designs. A little bit of contrast can really make your room pop! 🛋️

wall slat wall panel that is wood toned. black leather chair with table

Textured Wall Panels: A Touch of Sophistication

Textured wall panels are a great way to add some depth to your walls. You can find these in all sorts of materials, like wood, fabric, and even 3D panels that really stand out. You can use these panels to jazz up a section of a room or go big and create a stunning feature wall. They bring a level of sophistication and a touch of texture that you just can't get with paint alone. Plus, if you're into something that's both stylish and practical, you might consider acoustic panels. They not only look good but also help control noise, which is perfect if you need a quieter space.

girl painting wall mural over room. The painting is big bold flowers. its orange, yello and green.

Innovative Painting Techniques

Aside from wallpapers and panels, there are some really cool painting techniques that can totally transform your walls. Things like sponge painting, stenciling, or adding a bit of metallic finish can make a huge difference. These methods are super hands-on, so you can really get creative and have some fun with it. Whether you're after a gentle texture or something more out-there, these painting techniques open up all kinds of possibilities.

Installation Tips and Tricks

Many people shy away from wallpapers and textured panels, fearing the installation process. However, with the right tools and a bit of patience, you can achieve professional results. Always start with a clean, smooth surface and use good-quality adhesives. For wallpaper, it’s crucial to align your patterns at the seams. If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, hiring a professional might be a worthwhile investment to ensure everything looks perfect.

neutral color wallpaper rolls. Wallpaper has texture. Gold wallpaper

Here are some FAQ that I answer for my clients:

How durable is wallpaper? Modern wallpapers are designed to last and are often washable, which makes them suitable for high-traffic areas. ✅

Can I use wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes! Just make sure to choose a wallpaper that’s moisture-resistant or specifically designed for bathrooms. 💧

Is wallpaper removable? Many modern wallpapers are designed to be strippable, which makes them relatively easy to remove if you fancy a change or are updating your decor. 🔄

How easy is it to clean wallpaper? Cleaning wallpaper is generally quite straightforward, but how easy it is can depend on the type of wallpaper you have. Most modern wallpapers are designed to be durable and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Vinyl Wallpapers are very practical for high-traffic areas because they’re water-resistant and can be cleaned with a sponge and a mild soap solution. Washable Wallpapers have a thin plastic transparent coating that makes them more durable than traditional wallpaper. You can clean them with a damp cloth, and for tougher stains, a bit of mild detergent can help. Non-Washable Wallpapers are a bit more delicate and aren’t suited for heavy cleaning. For these types, it’s best to dust gently with a dry cloth or use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove surface dirt.

Bold wallpapers and innovative textures are all about expressing yourself and turning your home into a personal masterpiece. They can elevate the mundane to the magnificent, making any home look like it’s straight out of a design magazine. 🏠

Feeling inspired to transform your space with some bold wallpaper or textured walls? Contact us today to book your discovery call! We’ll help you navigate the exciting options and find the perfect solution for your home. Don’t wait, start creating your dream home today with a little help from your local design experts! 📞

Check out our Portfolio to see some stunning transformations we've achieved with bold wallpapers and textures. Visit our Website for more information and inspiration. Don't forget to read what our satisfied customers are saying in our Google Reviews!

🌟 Let’s make your home a perfect space for you! 🌟


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