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Affordable 2023 Interior Design Trends that WON'T break the bank

2023 is right around the corner, I know I know, it’s hard to believe. While we are currently

soaking in the holiday season surrounded by twinkling lights, it’s time to start thinking ahead of what you want your space to look like once all of the decorations come down and your home is bare. We are in an age where social media tends to have you trying to keep up with the Joneses. However, inflation is on the rise and design should bring you happiness, not stress about how you are going to afford an aesthetically pleasing home. After the decorations come down, this is the perfect opportunity to do a deep clean, providing a clean slate to begin.

Below are some simple, AFFORDABLE tips allowing you to keep up with the trends (or not)

WITHOUT breaking the bank.


I know personally, the kids are home from winter break, and we are using this time to

paint their rooms and primary bedroom suite. All hands on deck, so this is the perfect time for squeezing in a family project! A little trick to keep the paint cost down, is to buy sample sizes!

What are some paint trends we will see in 2023? Luckily, we are moving away from all

white, gray, and black trends. People are starting to take risks, and dare we say it,

embrace color?! Woah. Over the last few years, while a lot of the country has started to work from home, they have realized that home is your safe spot. You should surround yourself with what makes you happy. I don’t know about you, but color makes me happy. Painted ceilings are also on the horizon, so prepare to take risks! Best part about it? You can always repaint!


Something so simple as lighting can really elevate a space and define the mood. With

the start of the new year, this is the perfect time to replace those LED light bulbs, so you

know exactly the schedule they are on. You’ll see in 2023, that lighting fixtures can be

art. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold light fixtures, lamps, and floor lamps as an

affordable way to have focal points. Affordable being the key point here, be sure to

check out as a resource for you! (NOT sponsored or affiliated)


Yes! You read that right. Thrifting while mixing and matching design elements is a trend,

who knew?! With costs on the rise, availability scarce, and more and more folks

becoming environmentally conscious, you can easily incorporate the old with the new.

It’s fun to brag a little when someone comes over, admires a piece of furniture, and you

get to say oh I got it for $X amount! It’s no longer taboo, so search your local thrift shops

or scroll through Facebook marketplace and score some finds that are sure to impress

adding character to your home! While paint and color can help make you happy,

surrounding yourself with meaningful pieces can truly make a home feel complete.

What trends are you most excited about in 2023? Just remember, you do what makes YOU

happy and no one else. If following a trend is not your thing, that’s totally fine! Your home is your space and a reflection of you! I think that the real theme of 2023, is experimenting and finding what works best for YOU.

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