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There’s no reason why your bathroom can’t be decorated like the other rooms of your home. Adding plants in your bathroom not only adds decor elements but some of them have also known to have air-purifying qualities. Consider these 5 plants to stand up to the humid, warm, mostly dark and cramped environment of the bathroom.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is durable and very difficult to kill. This plant doesn't need a lot of sunlight and water. Daily humidity should be plenty to keep your plant alive. It is a perfect counter top plant in your bathroom. It is also perfect to use as part of your beauty regime as it has cooling properties and is used to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is also used to soothe dry skin.

2. Boston Fern

This humidity loving plant is perfect to add as a decor in your bathroom. They grow best in places with bright indirect sunlight. It does need its soil to be moist so a spray here and there couple times a week will help this fern thrive in a bathroom.

3. Bamboo

A Perfect plant to grow in any light level and no soil! They are easy to grow and do well in a low-light humid environment. Lucky Bamboo just needs pebbles and container of water for the plant to root. Make sure the container is always filled with water.

4. Snake Plant

Did you know that the Snake Plant is also called as Mother-in-law's tongue? This plant is perfect to grow in low-light and humid environments. This is also a great air purifier and known to purify formaldehyde present in bathroom products.

5. Devil’s Ivy

Easiest to keep alive. It loves warm and moist conditions which makes it perfect for bathrooms. It needs moderate to good light source to help it grow and doesn't need frequent watering. It's a fast growing trailing plant and you can display it in a variety of options from planters to letting it trail across walls or windows.

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