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3 KEY ways to prep your Home for Thanksgiving

Listen, I know that some of us have already decorated for Christmas (including myself). So who am I to judge? Then there are those that are waiting for after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, and that is A-okay too! Regardless of what type of person you are, Thanksgiving DOES deserve its own day! So, how do we prepare for a lot of people to be in one space? Here are some tips, tricks, and a yummy recipe your family and friends are sure to love!


You only get ONE first impression. I know it’s stressful thinking about the grocery shopping, the cooking, the setting of the table, and the 50 other things on your mind. However, the outside of your home deserves a little attention too. I’m not saying you must go full Griswold mode, BUT a little weed killer, some sweeping, bust out the old leaf blower (please don’t blow it onto your neighbor’s lawn) and a cute front door mat wouldn’t hurt. Add a little fall wreath to the front door with some twinkle lights, all quick and affordable updates to set the tone of what is behind the front door.


If space is of no issue for you, then that’s great! However, if you are concerned about space, now is the time to declutter and rearrange furniture that will best accompany large groups of people. Position your furniture on the outskirts of a room to allow for mingling. Bring in extra chairs at the dining table to accommodate. Consider creating a kids table, that way that allows more space at the main dining table. Which brings me to my next point…


If you have a separate space for kids, then you can use that good china or that good silverware (hey, we all have it) on adults who will appreciate and won’t break it. They make really good quality fall themed paper plates and fancy looking silverware these days, feel free to use it! Again, this is a judgment-free zone. Go to Dollar Tree and spend $1.25 (inflation, am I right?) and get some crayons for the kiddos to keep them occupied. Use these FREE printables here and have some activities ready to go for them. The ideas are endless!

Obviously, I could go on and on, but with 50 other items on your to-do list, I’m not trying to add 10 more to it. I hope this helped and gave you some last-minute ideas! Stay tuned for the next one!

Happy Turkey Day Coloring Page _
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Thanksgiving Cornucopia Coloring Page _
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